What is the difference between a Twin Flame, Twin Soul, Soulmate, Androgyne, Twin Ray, and Essence Twin…

Last edit on October 24, 2016

A theory is a person’s attempt to explain reality, right? A lot of people have made the attempt of explaining the phenomena of true love. Each one of them has decided to use a certain term for the phenomena of amazing love; I personally call them True Spirit Mirrors. A theory contains a person’s best […]

Meeting my Twin Flame and how my beliefs changed

Last edit on October 23, 2016

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At the moment our eyes met, I knew he was the one I’d been searching for my whole life. Five minutes later, our relationship had already been derailed. 15 years later, I understand what went wrong; clarity started to emerge from the Twin Flame ideas but later expanded to something that changed everything that I ever believed about love or relationships…

Twin Flame denial; is it you or them who refuses to see the truth?

Last edit on October 22, 2016

There is clearly a Twin Flame denial phase that can be identified in the way most Twin Flames interact. Denial is a state where you simply blind yourself from the truth because you do not want to see it the way that it is. Now, all you Twin Flame chasers must face one fact that […]

37 Twin Flame signs list

Last edit on October 21, 2016

Here is a list of some of the most identifiable Twin Flame signs, with a pointer on what other soulmate types they apply to. Love at first sight (only applies to True Spirit Mirrors of Mature and Interrupted state.) Fear (bordering on terror) at first sight (only applies to True Spirit Mirrors of Mature state.) […]

What to do if my Twin Flame is married and committed?

Last edit on October 20, 2016

I wanted to write this post because I can offer you an objective point of view considering I don’t know whether or not my twin flame is married. These are the things one ponders when thinking about that possibility. I would like to consider the morals of the situation first: If you have chosen to […]