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A real alternative to the Twin Flame concept

Twin Flame soulmate expert SebastyneI started this website some years ago when I found myself talking to a loving voice in my head, my “Twin Flame” Anton. I still haven’t found him in the physical world, but I know exactly who I am searching for, what he looks like, sounds like… Ah. We started this journey together, when he came to me to explain why my “Twin Flame” in the real world told me he didn’t love me. I know. Two of them.

Now, I know some of you get a high even at the sound of the term Twin Flame and I can’t really blame you. It promises you everything, it’s like a drug. You want to believe that it is true, and, I must say, after Anton and I went through it bit by bit, there is a lot of good things about it, but there is one MAJOR problem with it: It’s not true.

And let me tell you. I know every sign by personal experience. I know what it is like to look at someone in the eye and know that they love you fully. I know what it is like to know what the other one is thinking before he says it out loud – word by word. I know how it feels when you have a full 5 minute conversation in a rock concert with a man you have never met and who stands 20 feet away from you behind hundreds of people packed in between. I know what it is like to wake up to a kiss from someone who isn’t there, or to cry yourself to sleep knowing he still isn’t there… And I know what it is like when he is there, how it feels when you are afraid that a single touch will cause your bodies to explode, or that your hand on his chest will burn a mark on it.

Don’t call me a cynic because I am the last person to accuse of it.

Twin Flame phenomena happens between like-minded people. Don’t mess with that.

But I am telling you Twin Flame teachers are leading you away from your Twin, not to him or her, apart from those people who are living and breathing New Age and take it for real. If your Twin Flame hasn’t signed up for New Age yet, you getting too deep into it will not bring you back but will do the opposite…

Because New Age people do not hold a monopoly to true love, and the less you fit the stereotype, the further you will be guided from your true loves… ALL of the potential ones that you do have! Because you are alike, what brings you together is to discover your authentic self, your TRUE self, the person you would be if nobody told you what you have to be in order to achieve this or that or the other – including to get a job. Authenticity means that you are completely free to be who you are, and THIS is the person your Twin Flame fell in love with – even if he or she did reject the rest of you; The stuff that you put on to polish yourself for him or her. The improvements that you make on your authentic self are not improvements, they are the banana peels and empty beer cans that you use to decorate a Christmas tree. (What an image!)

The alternative theory to Twin Flames

And yes, there is an alternative. It is my own work, I compiled every event, type of situation and idea I could pin point and explain and add to it. Anton and I, and the rest of our soul consolidation / group (that is what some experts snarkily call it when I say I have more than one Twin Flame… Oh if only they knew…) have simply followed every lead and answered every question that has popped into our collective heads… And… We haven’t even met yet! If we can achieve this without even meeting face to face or talking in any other way but telepathically, I can only imagine what we can do once we meet… AND WE DO imagine!

Oh yes, so the alternative. I’ll give you two blog links:

This one, holds the theoretical side to the theory. It contains the descriptions of every soulmate type I have identified from the strongest to the weirdest. The Free Spirit Theory and the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology. It’ll take you about a week to get through them all. 😀

The second blog, is my smash-it-all-into-one-place personal blog where I write about this stuff on a much more low-key manner, and throw in some completely obscure stuff as well. A bit easier to share with not-so-new-age friends. Do subscribe to the relevant blog categories if you wish to receive the updates on soulmate-stuff as soon as. It’s called Sebastyne.net – The Online Magazine of Awareness and Understanding and a little bit of rock n’ roll. I was going for a short title.

I hope to see you there, and keep me in mind if you get frustrated with trying to be an angel.

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Alternative to Twin Soul / Twin Flame ideas

The Spirit Mirror Soulmate Typology is a modern theory of love that respects both the spiritual and physical aspect of these connections and attempts to give a more mature explanation to how it all happened than what can often be found in Twin Flame circles.

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