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In the front page of this site, I've given you the most important pointers to know about Twin Flames (or whatever you want to call them) and in the blog section I'm adding the occasional post about Twin Flames.

The Blog:

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Twin Flame reunion methods are unique depending on what you’re like

Again, authenticity, knowing yourself is the key here. Last edit on November 10, 2015

Check out this video on Twin Flame reunion and how different couples get there through different routes. It won’t give you answers, but it will give you an example how following a formulated generic advice may be leading you in a completely wrong direction compared to where you ought to be. Remember only you can be certain of who you […]

Twin Flame denial; is it you or them who refuses to see the truth?

When you see reality in different ways, who sees things clearer? Last edit on November 9, 2015

There is clearly a Twin Flame denial phase that can be identified in the way most Twin Flames interact. Denial is a state where you simply blind yourself from the truth because you do not want to see it the way that it is. Now, all you Twin Flame chasers must face one fact that is more than blatantly obvious: […]

37 Twin Flame signs list

Last edit on October 28, 2015

Here is a list of some of the most identifiable Twin Flame signs, with a pointer on what other soulmate types they apply to. Love at first sight (only applies to True Spirit Mirrors of Mature and Interrupted state.) Fear (bordering on terror) at first sight (only applies to True Spirit Mirrors of Mature state.) Connection at first sight (also […]

What are the Twin Flame signs to look out for?

Last edit on November 1, 2015

When true love hits, it is often accompanied by something a lot of people call “Twin Flame signs”.¬†They are quite easily spotted by the people who experience them, although people around the couple may be extremely skeptical about them. There are some pointers to be mindful of to spot a “fake” connection, and there are early signs and then there […]

Non-incarnated Twin Flames

Last edit on November 30, 2015

May turn out to be very much incarnated. Just saying.

How is a Spirit Mirror bond created?

Last edit on November 30, 2015


  Life times ago, probably millenias ago, we met. We liked each other, and had a laugh together. We made friends or became lovers. We hunted together, we built shelters together, huddled for warmth, loved each other, and during that life time, we got to know each other so much, that we decided to spend another lifetime together. We chose […]

Building your dream life and relationships

Last edit on November 30, 2015

This post has got to do with the law of attraction, and how to remove yourself from limiting ideas while trying to discover your authentic way of being. Approach from the angle of “Future”, some time in a distant future, allowing your soul the time to grow and the world time to develop into the dream that you want to […]

Incarnated mermaids: yeah cool, Poly-fractured twin flames? AN ABOMINATION!

Last edit on September 9, 2015

The way I see the Twin Flame circles a lot of time there is this weird air about these people. I am an empath, and I feel people’s emotions without even trying to, and this is what I pick up constantly… The air of superiority, complete disengagement from the real world – avoidance of it rather than feeling a genuine […]

Why is the truth of Twin Flames more romantic than the fairytale

Last edit on November 30, 2015

They say there’s only one Twin Flame for us all and that they are the other half of our own soul, which would then say that no matter what, these two belong together and will inevitably return to one another, whether they like it or not because, after all, you can’t escape yourself. But that is not the truth. What […]

Yet another way to look at soul bond relationships

Last edit on November 30, 2015

To some of you who have found your way over here this post may be a relief, to some it may be a bit of heresy. I apologize to those who are convinced of the traditional view on Twin Flames and continue on with the rest of you. I am convinced that Twin Flames were not created for you especially […]


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