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In the front page of this site, I've given you the most important pointers to know about Twin Flames (or whatever you want to call them) and in the blog section I'm adding the occasional post about Twin Flames.

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Alternative to Twin Soul / Twin Flame ideas

The Spirit Mirror Soulmate Typology is a modern theory of love that respects both the spiritual and physical aspect of these connections and attempts to give a more mature explanation to how it all happened than what can often be found in Twin Flame circles.

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Yet another way to look at soul bond relationships

Last edit on January 13, 2015

To some of you who have found your way over here this post may be a relief, to some it may be a bit of heresy. I apologize to those who are convinced of the traditional view on Twin Flames and continue on with the rest of you. I am convinced that Twin Flames were not created for you especially […]

In the mind of a Twin Flame chaser

Last edit on February 22, 2015

I’ve been talking to a lot of Twin Flame chasers, usually women who follow the commonly known Twin Flame advice written by women just like them. This is how the average conversation goes: TWC: I met my twin flame 3 years ago and since then they have started a relationship with this other woman… (the background story is usually a […]

How can I tell which one is my Twin Flame?

Last edit on February 4, 2015

If you are struggling with this question, chances are that you have actually found TWO (or more) Twin Flames than the Twin Flame dogma allows. :p Life is unpredictable, and so the Universe has thrown you a curve ball, but what a glorious problem to have! I’m going to rephrase that question for you: How do I know both of […]

We are emotionally linked: What do I actually want?

Last edit on February 23, 2015

This is more a note to self -type of post; LOA works through emotions, right? When others hold strong beliefs about what we should do with or want into our lives, people included, we can be dragged into someone else’s wishes and wants, and at times it is incredibly difficult to tell who wants what for you, you or someone […]

For Twin Flames fearing they’ll say the wrong thing

Last edit on August 1, 2015

This is a slight adaptation of an email I wrote to someone in a “new” Twin Flame relationship, not knowing how to take it from friendship to the next level: OK, first off, although other Twin Flame teachers believe that the frequent numbers and other “weird stuff” sort of give you the certainty that you can’t muck this up, I […]


Last edit on August 1, 2015

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YouTube Channel: SebastyneCom

Last edit on July 24, 2015

Here’s my YouTube Channel that I post Twin Flame – True Spirit Mirror related material, and also a lot about Law of Attraction and other loosely related but important to know about spiritual topics:

Twin Flame -thing; from women to women, men simple actors in a play?

Last edit on May 15, 2015

Do you ever get the feeling that the Twin Flame thing is/was written by women for women while men simply adapt to it like a role they need to play in order to get the girl they love? It seems to be just another thing that men need to fulfill for women, to be appropriate and all that… Because men […]

“She says I’m his ‘twin flame’ – is she right?”

Last edit on August 28, 2015

First of all, I have to tell you I maybe bias to this, because I am the author of a competing theory to Twin Flames. I first became familiar with the Twin Flame idea because what I felt about a certain guy, and how I felt around him, and what I sensed him to feel about me, it all fit […]

Twin Flame relationships are not suitable for child-adults hence the late reunions

Last edit on April 28, 2015

Twin Flame relationships are extremely intense and demanding relationships, as you all are well aware. We live in a culture in which children and childhood is so over-emphasized that parents have hard time letting go the control of their children, resulting into spiritual helicopter-parenting well after the children have left home… Decades after. Many Twin Flames do not return to […]


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