Both Twin Flames always want to be together. Always.

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This post is going to contain my usual salt for the non-Twin Flames but also the sugar for the actual ones: What is true for all Twin Flames everywhere, is that they ALWAYS want to be together no matter what, and the only reason why they are not together, is a misunderstanding of how the other one feels for them, aka, a Twin Flame believes that their other half doesn’t want them for some reason, and this belief can be deeply seated and even withstand the test of long love letters that they somehow manage to rewrite for themselves…

Actual Twin Flames ALWAYS want to be together. Actively. They know this.

If you KNOW your Twin Flame doesn’t want to be with you, that’s not your Twin Flame. That is your wishful thinking. If you feel you have to find a way to coerce your Twin Flame into wanting you or into being with you (for their own good) not your Twin Flame. If you feel they are so out of touch with spirituality that they don’t even know how to love you, their Twin – you’re most likely just sucking up to yourself big time and you need to get your ego in check, fast.

The only reasons why a Twin Flame might not want to be together with their Twin Flame is that they may be simply TOO TIRED to feel huge emotions. They may have gone through a massive ordeal that has sucked them dry of all emotion, and there’s simply nothing left in them, and their Twin may not know how to fill the tank, as much as they know how to draw from it. 😉 (How do you fill your Twin Flame’s love reserves? Be yourself. They love you for who you are, and simply observing you being your awesome self makes them feel instantly better. If this is not true for your Twin, again, you’re fooling yourself.)

A Twin Flame bond is always mutual. Let’s give you an example why we must accept that to be the case.

Let’s think about Russell Brand, for instance. He’s got probably about a 3000 Twin Flames out there, the say the minimum. 😀 I might be a few hundred thousand short of the actual number. Anyway, they all feel absolutely in love with this man, they’re everything they’ve ever wanted in a man, and he’s ach so unfulfilled by Laura because he doesn’t have his Twin Flame… Right? He’s got a Twin Flame, perhaps even several, (judging by his behavior, he’s most likely a Poly Flame anyway,) but he cannot certainly be the Twin Flame of all of these thousands of women (and men) who all feel he’s the person who makes them the happiest in this world.

What makes his Twin Flame unique is that he finds her as amazing as everyone finds him to be. He is just as enamored with his Twin Flame as we all are with Russell Brand (yeah, I love him like a mad woman, too). The only way you can tell he’s YOUR Twin Flame is if he tells you he loves you like a mad man, that he needs to be close to you, that he will throw all his life aside for you… Because you are as amazing as he is; your IQ should be somewhere around 170, that’s apparently where he is, or higher, you should be just as funny as he is, most likely, just as excitable, and energetic, ready to take on the world’s problems, and do all of that while grinning and making others laugh themselves silly. The difference between a Twin Flame and a Mirage Spirit is this: Twin Flames are equal to each other. A Mirage Spirit and their chaser are not. A Mirage chaser could NEVER do what their object does, whether famous or unknown. A Twin Flame needs to be able to uplift his or her Twin, easily, they need to have things to teach each other; something beyond “I’ll teach you how to love me…” THAT should come not only automatically but also irresistibly to an actual Twin Flame… And the only thing stopping you from being together is that…  You might have never met, or you cannot quite believe someone so amazing could love you, too… Even though you know she or he does… During those moments when you are actually being realistic.

A Twin Flame is never just about “oh how much I love him/her” as it is “Oh is it possible he/she actually loves me back?! Me?! Of all people?! I so hope I’m not fooling myself… Does he/she love me as a favor, perhaps… Because… Although I’m alright… I’m still just me…. Maybe they think I’m rich/smarter than I am/funnier than I am/always glamorous… Maybe I’ve just managed to somehow make a great first impression and they simply are blinded by something but if they really got to know me… I’m really just a bore…” Those are the kind of thoughts that go on inside a Twin Flame brain… Not. “Oh, I wonder how I’ll convince him/her that he/she’s supposed to be with me because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like them. I know he/she’s much smarter, better looking, more popular than I am but still, it shouldn’t matter in a relationship, should it? All that matters is that I love him/her, and they should be happy someone does! All of those other people just want them because they’re so handsome and popular, I want them because they’re ordinary!” A Twin Flame would NEVER EVER in a million years think their Twin is ordinary! Never mistake this for “feeling equal” if you don’t even know how to do what they do! No. That is so not a Twin Flame rationale it’s not even funny that they’re so often hanging on these websites thinking this is going to happen for them.

Did you get this far without getting a heart attack? 🙂

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