Getting away from a Twin Flame – is breaking a Twin Flame bond possible?

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Twin Flames feel no jealousy of each other. They are not possessive or obsessive about each other, they love each other more than they love themselves, they want the happiness of the other more than they want the happiness of their own, therefore breaking a Twin Flame bond is INCREDIBLY easy.

What is nearly unbreakable is not a Twin Flame bond, but a soulmate bond created on the need to own, possess, dominate, control, and coerce another person to become one’s ¬†lover. Those people are nearly impossible to shake¬†because they believe they are acting out of love, and this gives them the idea that anything is allowed in love and war.

On the other hand, the Twin Flame bond is never TRULY gone, if it once existed, it can reignite any time, anywhere, when the situation is more favorable or when the two people have grown to accept things about themselves that they didn’t accept before. A Twin Flame is rarely, if ever, a true problem to someone, but a blessing in every way… And the only problem Twin Flames really have is the tendency of letting go so very easily… But at the same time… It is the beauty of them.

Twin Flames are like fire and gasoline. Separately, they don’t truly react. Put them together… You know what happens. If I could think about something that can be separated again, it would be a better analogy, but they are two separate forces that have an amazing reaction to each other. They may know that they will always be together, but they are not possessive or obsessive about forcing the other one to stay; in fact, it is a sign of a soulmate if the other cannot accept even the theoretical idea that the other MIGHT NOT love them. Interestingly enough, true Twin Flames always KNOW the other one loves them, therefore they don’t NEED TO obsess about them getting away or someone else getting their hands on them, they KNOW, deep down that they’ll always be bonded, and that the love doesn’t disappear although it might change shape. Those in love with a soulmate runner do not feel that kind of calm, they feel the absolute terror of being left alone – to them this person is a meal ticket, their safety blanket, and their means for survival, and they fear they will be left to the wolves if this person truly walks out on them. This fear is not Twin Flame love, it is just what it is; fear of survival.

What causes the majority of Twin Flame pain is the realization they were so easily separated by a third party involvement and misunderstandings that didn’t need to take place and that they didn’t need to listen to.

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