How to choose your Twin Flame teacer, considering they “all” say a different thing…

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Twin Flame teachers come in all kinds of variety, with an emphasis on different things. That’s a good thing, but how do you choose the one for you?

One thing that All Twin Flame teachers tend to mention (or should mention if they haven’t) one way or another, is that “you should take what resonates with you and leave the rest”. What that means is that we all have a slightly different spiritual path, and what sounds right to you is what ‘resonates’ and what sounds wrong to you is what doesn’t resonate.

I, for one, add a lot of stuff that I know will start resonating at some stage, and that does resonate with some people, but we are all in a different spiritual phase, and I believe we do meet in several reincarnations rather than just one, so that means some have just met their Twin for the first time and the problems are different for those Twin Flames compared to those who are already a very established Twin Flame couple that has simply gotten their wires crossed – a very different set of circumstances. Therefore, what resonates to you at any given time is simply a question of where you’re at with your Twin at the moment.

You will not NEED TO hurry all the way to the point of ascension in this incarnation. That should probably be a point of comfort to you all. There is no hurry to get to that point, and you can focus on the very physical, “mundane” parts of being in love if you wish. We all want to go where our spirit points at any given time, and whatever feels forced or unnatural or non-sensical or counter-productive is stuff that is either already behind you or hasn’t really become relevant yet, one or the other, and it is sometimes very difficult to say which part of our evolution is ahead and which is behind – we all have an ego that thinks we’re the top notch, when in fact, it may well be that we are all different and what is my ultimate goal is simply a phase to another person and wise versa.

If we were all alike and were driven to the same goal, this world would be a boring place and Twin Flames as a concept would be non-sensical. It’s supposed to be about finding the person who is different to others and the same with you, right? If that is the case, what is the point trying to become the same with all Twin Flames in order to reunite with the one who initially was the same as you?

Therefore, find a guide that is as much like you as possible initially, because their path to their Twin Flame is likely to be the same as yours and you can model their growth to an extent.

Remember, though, that you are a unique being, and your path will be different to anyone else, and you still, while taking guidance from others, keep in mind that your path is your own and only you can make the final call or take the final responsibility of each of your steps.

And one more clue: if it feels beneath you to do something, for heaven’s sake, Do Not Do It! For instance. One of my Twin Flames is a rock star. (I’m a poly flame, actually.) I would (should) NEVER FREAKING EVER put myself in the front row at his show because that is SO BENEATH ME it’s ridiculous. (Because I am not just one of his stupid screaming fans… His biggest fan maybe, but not just the stupid screaming type. 😉 ) I forced myself to do it though because it felt sensible, after all, he should notice I’m there, right? How else would he ever find me? He acted like he’d seen someone carrying the plague! 2-3 rows back, 5, ideally, THAT might have been OK. At the same time, it is NOT AT ALL beneath me to take nude shots of myself and post them all over the internet should I decide it’s a good idea. See? NOT ONE Twin Flame teacher would tell you that’s a cool thing, right, but it is who I am, and I am the perfect fraction of my Polygon and therefore what I am they want. What you are, your Twin Flame (or Polygon) wants – not what the cookie baking next door neighbor of yours is but what YOU are. That’s the magic of this whole thing.

Whichever teacher helps you to discover who you are and what your Twin Flame or Polygon is about, is the teacher for you. And I would urge you to consider a regular life coach or a great, open-minded psychologist as a viable option for that job, they’ve got less preconceptions and ego involved, and that need to prove Twin Flames are awesome like so, but not like so. Twin Flame teachers may also be a little too close to the whole thing, often still going through their own work – like I am, too – and who knows how lost they actually are. The other thing is, that even if your Twin Flame guide is together with someone they say is their Twin Flame, I’d still be cautious, some of them are so clearly not Twin Fames it is revolting to see them pretend to be… Usually one of them is the actual teacher, and the other is being pushed into the role of a Twin Flame, not out of intent to deceive, but simply because the teacher themselves is so in love with the idea of Twin Flames that they feel the need to force matters into looking like the real thing when it is not, really.

It is a bit of a jungle out there – so when it feels bad, don’t go there. Then again, the unpleasant truth is a lot more helpful than the pleasant lie… Learn to tell the difference.

Currently, I teach Twin Flames on the basis of an advanced soulmate theory the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology at theXblog.org.