I wonder if spirituality should be taught at all…

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… particularly from the Twin Flame perspective.

We are all unique. We are different. We come to conclusions through very different paths, and what is right for us is different for us all. Teaching spirituality is also a little bit of a contradiction in terms, particularly when we try and force others to “take the right advice” and be certain our version is the real good one. Although we’re all equally convinced we’ve got the answer, it is obvious, that we will all, eventually, arrive at the same spot through a different pathway, and even then, if the same spot has no other label but “My Own Individual Correct Answer”.

Spirituality is not knowledge. It’s a gut feeling. It is something we should follow by instinct and instinct alone. We can give each other clues, but the more of a guru-status you’ve got, the more people start following you blindly, without the first idea what they are following, why, or what they should be trying to feel into when they do it… And you’ll be led astray, because people see you as this epitome of success and happiness, but it’s YOUR success and YOUR happiness, and what their followers should be looking for is their variation of the same. It’s like seeing a happy couple, then deciding the key element is the other partner, then spend months trying to seduce the husband/wife, only to find they are not suitable for you at all, but they were perfect for their spouse, hence the happiness, now ruined. What this observer should have thought about was “how do I become just as happy? How do I find love that fulfilling” not “how do I steal that person’s spouse?”

But again, I derail. I am the queen of derailing these days. What I have been feeling lately is to not even try to teach anyone anything… And I realize that makes me a better teacher what I was before, only a much more reluctant one. For so long, I’ve tried to teach others by my own way of thinking, but they won’t learn. I had to learn that much. I explained it to myself the way I explained it… Now, the best thing I could do for myself is to live it, most likely, and forget about it entirely. Should I delete the whole lot? Does it serve any other purpose than distraction and confusion for others, or would it be possible to guide people to read it with a level of detachment from it; as a clue, not as dogma… Not as a word of God, but just another way to explain the same reality we’ve lived in since times immortal.

I don’t know. I feel like I’ve screamed and shouted enough – particularly to the spirit world, with very little impact to those most eager to learn – the people who only wanted me to teach them what they think I know; How to FORCE things to happen for themselves, ignoring everything that I say about not forcing things. And I’ve tried to force them to accept the fact they’re forcing things and coerce them to stop forcing it, all the while I’m just as bad.

Maybe I’ll disappear one more time.


Currently, I teach Twin Flames on the basis of an advanced soulmate theory the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology at theXblog.org.