Is it possible a Twin Flame would cheat on you?

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Some would think that when divine love hits you, there will never be any human problems again in the relationship. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, there are different types of soulmate bonds that fit the Twin Flame description close enough to be misleading, but the type that we are discussing hereĀ is of the type of True Spirit Mirrors in either Inflamed or Growing/Interrupted state. Adjusting Spirit Mirror -type of a Twin Flame would cheat only to expect to be forgiven (nothing can come between us). Sometimes it is the exact ability to cheat that CREATES the bond, rather than makes it a non-bond, it is just a question of accepting one’s own feelings about it, for instance, being turned on by the idea that someone else loves the same person that you do and wants what you have. (There is no real shame in this, only societally installed rules that we think we must follow, but those have nothing to do with the authentic, real dynamic you have with your Twin Flame; your soul. Shame is created by making you believe something is better than something else, for instance, if you are being told over and over that having blue eyes is a sign of divinity and having brown eyes is a sign of a demon, and everyone around you would believe it to be true, wouldn’t you start considering using blue contact lenses pretty quick if it was legal?)

A cheating Twin Flame

It is important to study your own feelings about it if your Twin Flame cheats on you. Are you REALLY offended, or do you feel, more to the point, that you SHOULD be? Do you feel that he or she doesn’t love you anymore, or are you trying to convince yourself that someone who loves you WOULD NEVER cheat on you? Perhaps, feeling excited about their infidelity will make it even more difficult to accept that this could be both your cheating Twin Flame and your highest sexual match – the kind that makes you both adore their mind, body, and soul, but also get turned on by their sexuality… whatever that brings about.

Is it possible that a Twin Flame would cheat on you?

Oh yes. More than possible. The reasons for a Twin Flame to cheat are many and varied, PARTICULARLY if you consider it cheating when you are not officially together or if there’s any ambiguity about your relationship status. One of the reasons… OK, this is my personal perspective… I was having this weird relationship with this guy… A Twin Flame, he and I had no agreement of exclusivity, in fact, we were barely speaking. Our contact was mainly non-spoken, silent understanding, but I, personally, figured that it was stupid of me to even think that he actually felt that way about me. So I went with other guys. Was it cheating? Perhaps it was in his mind, even though we’d never even been on a date. I FELT like I was cheating on him, even though my mind said that was stupid.

Then, add to that the completely non-physical connection… Is it cheating if you haven’t even met? People were, some time ago, expected to remain faithful to their future spouse until they will be married… To give your virginity to your spouse, right..? Are we now cheating on our Twin Flames because we rarely wait for marriage to have sex.

Cheating is a very rubbery concept sometimes, but… I feel we should go by our gut instinct… “Does this feel like cheating?” If the answer is yes, perhaps we should not go there.

And Poly Flames, of course… That is an entirely new, exciting way of defining “Twin Flame cheating”! (Yes you can cheat on a Poly Flame, too… The whole unity of them!!)

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