One misunderstanding about women that Twin Flames need to clear up

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Women want it, too, you know?

I am going to take another risk here and say that Twin Flames need to accept the fact that it is unnatural for a person to consider it “spiritual” or “evolved” to avoid sexual relations with their ultimate lover.

It makes no sense, either. If there is no sexual contact between lovers, we are talking about a friendship or a partnership, not romantic love. The very definition of romantic love depends on the sexual aspect of it, and when it comes to Twin Flames, nothing is more true than the fact it is a relationship that answers ALL of your needs, your intellectual, spiritual, needs, your need to feel secure, loved, adored, appreciated, and your sexual needs. All of them, and I mean ALL of your sexual needs, even if you are a man.

There is NO COMPROMISES needed between Twin Flames, and this also means that if you love more than one person, this means you are not a Twin Flame but a Poly Flame, a part of a polygon, the same thing, only between several people. If you are a TRUE polyamorist (one who actually believes in the ideal, rather than is just coerced to do it), so is your Twin Flame.

Also, if you have a need to never have sex, your Twin Flame ALSO doesn’t want sex, but if they do and you don’t, one of these statements is true:

  1. You’re not really Twin Flames
  2. One of you is blocking their sexuality from flowing freely for one reason or another

Ordinary women want sex. That is absolutely the way things are, they want it too. They want the fulfillment the same the men do, and they should not feel like they have to apologize for it or hide it, let alone be ashamed of it.

THE WAY we want it is individual, and again, I think more of us love it a little kinky, and the magic of a Twin Flame is that they’re similarly kinky. They’ll never judge you if they don’t judge themselves, but they might judge your sexuality CRUELLY if they are still not in terms with their own sexuality.

A lot of Twin Flame teachers are NOWHERE NEAR in good terms with their own sexuality, and therefore want to twist it into the form of “spiritual people do not need sex” or “it’s a sign of enlightenment” when nothing could be further from the truth. The anti-sexual notions of spirituality are a very much a hang-over from the organized religions that have always tried to curb the sexual feelings from the society.

Imagine this, men, if you can relate. You’re an early human, barely recognizable as a human being, perhaps. You’ve made love to your Twin Flame for months now, bliiiisfully happy, blissful in the knowledge that love like this exists. Then, all of the sudden, for the first time ever, she tells you that she doesn’t want it. Why she doesn’t want it maybe because she has started bleeding, and not knowing why she blames the penetration; you must have torn her open! She doesn’t want to worry you because she simply needs time to heal, maybe she fears if she tells you what happened you won’t do it to her again, so she doesn’t tell you why she doesn’t want you now.

You go into an instant shock; what you thought was mutually blissful was one-sided the whole time! (It wasn’t but that’s how we are with our Twin Flames, we always assume the very worst scenario possible!) She never wanted it at all, and here you’ve been sticking it into her like that, the whole time, you swine! You recoil, you go into the deepest state of regret, but to protect your ego from the full blow, you decide that NO WOMEN want sex at all, and decide you have to be the one to tell all men that women don’t actually enjoy it, they don’t want it the same way as men do, and that this whole thing is awful for them!

That poor guy!

The numbers of early humans were small, so the message would have had a full reach in a matter of weeks, and with reincarnation, the message from that group would have spread quick. Everyone would have been a bit confused about it. The women who wanted it (all of them) looking at each other confused… “What do you mean we don’t want it…? Of course we do…” “Oh no, no you don’t have to tell us so, we know how you all feel, we’re sorry, we’ll never do that to you again…” And the girls start thinking there must be something wrong with me if I’m the only one who thinks sex is nice… And the young girls learn to fear it because the men suspect it may hurt them, and while trying to understand why and how such an outlandish statement could be true, (after all, this man is known to be a good man, after all, he does want to protect his woman, so everyone knows he wouldn’t lie about something like this, after all… Everyone knows how much he loves his woman…) they find more and more reasons to support the argument; it hurts them, they feel used, men must be brutal; just look at the animals biting their females like that during their mating, a man must become more sophisticated than a mere beast…

A little further along the women start to think the men mean they are Not SUPPOSED TO want sex, and if they do, they’re supposed to save it ’till marriage, but the men think women don’t really want it at all, at least, not the same way as men do… They like it kind of like a dieter wants vegetables: Good for you, but not really chocolate!

As men get turned on by a sexy woman, and women get turned on by his desire for her, (if she allows it to, unless she takes it as a sign of what a horrible woman she is if she gets turned on by sexual attention,) the girls start demanding men to not look at them the way that turns them on, and the men insist women to hide their bodies so they wouldn’t be turned on by the bodies!

And then we’ve based a thousand different religions on the notion that women don’t like sex and need to be protected from it at all cost and all spiritual divine love is non-sexual.

When you realize that ALL people want the same thing; love and blissfully pleasurable sex… You realize that everything that is wrong with the world has to do with the constant attempt to avoid the longing of it! We all try to focus on ANYTHING but sexuality and the love of the opposite gender, aren’t we?

Our rivers would still run clean if we would have just said that “no guys, wait a sec… We DO love it… It’s just that during the period it can be a little nasty.” 😀


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