Meeting my Twin Flame and how my beliefs changed

Last edit on April 18, 2017

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At the moment our eyes met, I knew he was the one I’d been searching for my whole life. Five minutes later, our relationship had already been derailed. 15 years later, I understand what went wrong; clarity started to emerge from the Twin Flame ideas but later expanded to something that changed everything that I ever believed about love or relationships…

The Wild Horse vs. a Thoroughbred Analogy with Twin Flames

Last edit on April 17, 2017

There are three ways people are by their natural attitude towards their Twin Flame. The way Wild Horses are broken. The way a Thoroughbred is trained and  The way a Thoroughbred will play with their wild side. Note that either type can be either the male or female half of the pair.   The Wild […]

Twin Flame – Poly Flame

Last edit on April 16, 2017

Essentially what the argument over whether or not there can be multiple Twin Flames boils down to is this: Most people not only accept but insist on the fact that Twin Flames DO NOT meet in their last incarnation only, but that they meet several times across incarnations. They would also, thus, easily accept that […]

“She says I’m her ‘twin flame’ – is she right?”

Last edit on April 15, 2017

First of all, I have to tell you I maybe bias to this, because I am the author of a competing theory to Twin Flames. I first became familiar with the Twin Flame idea because what I felt about a certain guy, and how I felt around him, and what I sensed him to feel […]

I wonder if spirituality should be taught at all…

Last edit on April 12, 2017

… particularly from the Twin Flame perspective. We are all unique. We are different. We come to conclusions through very different paths, and what is right for us is different for us all. Teaching spirituality is also a little bit of a contradiction in terms, particularly when we try and force others to “take the […]