“She says I’m her ‘twin flame’ – is she right?”

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First of all, I have to tell you I maybe bias to this, because I am the author of a competing theory to Twin Flames. I first became familiar with the Twin Flame idea because what I felt about a certain guy, and how I felt around him, and what I sensed him to feel about me, it all fit the Twin Flame paradigm to the tee. At first, I was excited, someone understood what I was going through, and although at the time I felt I was the kind of person who would believe just about anything, I had trouble stomaching some parts of the theory that stuck out like a sore thumb in plain childishness and avoidance of responsibility.

Twin Flames are mostly real in the practical sense, but the theory needs a lot of work

If you don’t understand the difference between practical / theoretical accuracy, don’t panic. I’m not going to say you can’t get the guy or girl…

Eventually, I threw away the Twin Flame ideas alongside with a whole heap of New Age stuff and started off with a fresh slate. So. Not everything about Twin Flames is nonsense, but for the best part of it, it has about as much to do with truth as any of your favorite fantasy movies with a couple in love, like Twilight or I don’t know, Lord of the Rings. True love exists, passion exists, a man would do anything for the woman he loves and vice versa, all that is true, but we are still very much physical beings with very mundane non-physical part; our mind/soul/psyche, the part that cannot be defined in physical terms. This part reincarnates, and therein lies the answer to what happened to you: soulmates are more or less real, reincarnation is real, Twin Flames are not any more real than Aragorn and Arwen.

In fact, the origin of the Twin Flame idea comes from a comedian; Aristophanes who gave a speech at Plato’s symposium about love, that was the topic for the day. He joked, that at the beginning of time, humans were not two legged, two armed beings but had two heads, two sets of arms and legs and they were round and rolled over these limbs as they moved, like a ball with limbs. These beings were so powerful that Gods took notice, and to protect their own realm, they split them in half and condemned them to forever seek for each other, and they’d never feel complete without their other half again. Many people erroneously quote Plato to be the originator of this little tale, but it was indeed the comedian Aristophanes, hence the hilarious nature of the story.

So is this Twin Flame connection of yours for real?

So, are you destined to be together? Yes and no. If you both felt it, yes. If only one of you felt it… Maybe not. Do you have some kind of a responsibility towards this woman? Absolutely not. Did she feel something unusual when she met you? Perhaps. Is there other explanations to this connection? Several, and one of them is worth taking a note on.

Whatever the diagnosis, one thing is for certain: She must know; come to the full understanding that you owe her nothing, and that your love for her will be a gift that you give her out of your own free will for no other reason than because she is wonderful in your eyes. You need to know that you shouldn’t feel the need to talk yourself into the relationship because you are worried that she might be right and you’ll never find anyone else that loves you that much – she is now under the assumption that there is only one such man for her, but it is not true, but because she believes that she is the only one for you too, she is putting all of this pressure onto the relationship by believing there will never, or could never be another. And I get where she’s coming from, before I read about Twin Flames, I felt strongly that this one guy was the only one for me, and that I would wait forever if I needed to because he was everything I ever wanted even though I didn’t know I was looking for a man of his kind. I have later discovered that this depth of love can strike twice, thrice… BUT there is ONE difference that I must explain:

Soulmates. People who have loved one-another through so many incarnations that they don’t know how to not love one another anymore. I call them True Spirit Mirrors, and they come in several “stages”, they mature over time. And in many ways, the most fully matured connection is the one that we are all looking for, and that one connection can feel overwhelmingly like “your other half”. However, another very common soul bond can happen, one that is very often mistaken for “a Twin Flame”. Someone who you have been married to out of convenience or parent’s arrangement for several lifetimes can feel quite natural to connect to, and they may have a very differing idea of the happiness of those marriages. She might still be quite insistent about you belonging to them, in the sense that a car or a house belongs to someone while you might not be quite as keen on her at all. However, what men in this situation often feel is a sense of duty and responsibility towards the woman, rather than complete and utter lust and adoration of everything that she is. The True Spirit Mirror, or more officially the 1st Tier Exact Personality Mirror is a connection that is impossible to over-dramatize. It contains everything from complete sexual desire, complete professional compatibility, complete understanding of each others personality, everything matches. Whatever you are, they fit into like a glove and vice versa. They are overwhelming in every way, they capture your every desire and wish, they fill your senses in a way that nobody else can – and as such, they can be very scary to connect to, especially as you think everyone else feels the same way about her, too. For the record; they don’t. 😉 Your True Spirit Mirror will not QUITE that amazing to ALL other men, even if she was the most gorgeous and loved woman in the world, but chances are that someone who doesn’t regard them quite so amazing will make a move on them simply because to him, she is not a miracle like she would be to you.


Currently, I teach Twin Flames on the basis of an advanced soulmate theory the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology at theXblog.org.