Speed up Twin Flame reunion – Stop avoiding what you know you need to do

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You are separated for a reason.

There is no ifs, buts or maybes about the fact that you are separated for a reason, and that reason, for you (both) is more important than being together right now, so that’s going to be something pretty damned important, for you both, right? There is no shame in admitting to yourself that what it is that you need to do is… Whatever it is.

I also have a hunch that to a lot of Twin Flame women, that something has to do with making money, surviving “in the man’s world” without your man. The majority of us is broke, aren’t we? We haven’t got that reincarnational experience on how to make money. We haven’t had that opportunity to be independent for that long, and for a lot of us, that is the trouble.

To a lot of other women, the idea of falling in love after finding independence is scary. You may fear you will be sucked right into the role of a mother and a wife before you can even blink after falling in love again. That is something that needs a bit of thinking; figuring out how are you going to remain yourself, while still being completely devoted to your husband-Twin Flame.

For men… I’m afraid there’s a lot of waiting to be done. Girls are very accustomed to waiting, therefore a lot of us have spent (wasted) years waiting for our life to start in the form of a Prince Charming arriving on his white horse, but he’s not coming until you know who you are separate from him… And he’s learning patience; waiting for her to get her financial s*** together.

Maybe the goal next life is to realize none of that matters and that you have to be united in all of this, but to be truly equal, we NEED TO BE equal, we need to know how to be a man, really… A lot of men are now learning how to be a woman. Roles are reversing a lot, and it is a good thing.

But what is it specifically that you need to do? You may know it already, but you might have been dodging it for all of your life trying to tell yourself it is not what you need to do. It may be as simple as figuring out what is your default job. What’s the line of work you can do with your left hand tied behind your back while you’re focussed on achieving something better. Something that you can support yourself (and your kids on) without struggling too much, perhaps.

I, for one, wanted to know how much I’d be capable for without my men. Fuck all, I tell ya, fuck all. 😉 I couldn’t even get motivated without them being with me, at least in spirit. Why would I even bother?

And men… You need to tell your Twin what it is that she’s missing. You need to tell her what you need from her, the stuff you are too polite and too much of a gentleman to admit to wanting from her? For instance… “Get a freaking job, woman! A proper one! Get a spine, find independence…” What is it that you need, must come into your consciousness, so you can send that information to your Twin – it happens automatically, you just need to know what it is that she needs to do for you… And I am inclined to think that the female Twins are so active at this time, simply because deep down they know THEY are the one with the keys to the reunion, while the men are… mostly waiting.

Stop avoiding it. The quicker you get to it, the faster you’ll finish… Just like homework.

That’s all.


(Also, you might want to imagine what the ACTUAL, real life reunion with your Twin Flame might feel like. What has to happen for that reality to be possible? What kind of a person are you in that vision? I… For one, am exhausted. That’s one thing I knew when I was 20, that I’d return to my Twin once I had gone through a personal war of some kind.)

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