The Wild Horse vs. a Thoroughbred Analogy with Twin Flames

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There are three ways people are by their natural attitude towards their Twin Flame.

The way Wild Horses are broken.

The way a Thoroughbred is trained and 

The way a Thoroughbred will play with their wild side.

Note that either type can be either the male or female half of the pair.


The Wild Horse type will need their Twin Flame to break them. If there’s two of them, they go into a full on battle and they will soon come out best friends. They have found their equal and are happy and contented. To begin with, they go into the whole thing with the “you need to tame me” idea; they want it, but will never come quietly.

The Thoroughbred type will meet their Twin Flame with their heart open, trusting, fully ready for a commitment without drama or resistance. It is like a fully tame horse greeting their owner who has been away for a while. With an instant joy, but also an instant trust and love. To begin with, with a new person, when the Thoroughbred type is without earlier attachments, they are fully trusting of another person, as they are no longer afraid of people, but if their trust is broken, they will never forgive. It takes a lot to break their trust though, as they tend to just remove themselves from the situation if things seem a bit odd for them, and think: “OK, I’ll just give them some space…” All their decisions are calm when they are making them about someone who they care about. They allow instinct in only when they don’t care which way the dice falls.

The Thoroughbred with a wild side still there or reawoken will take the wild mating games on their stride without taking any of it too seriously, and enjoys every minute of reconnecting with their Twin Flame, while both know they’re only play fighting and completely ready for a full commitment once they are done with the “mating ritual”. They simply enjoy the process and let it unfold as it happens, knowing they’ll wind up together in the end.


When the Wild Horse type meets a Thoroughbred type Twin Flame, there is nothing fun about this connection to start with. The Wild Horse is completely bewildered by the Thoroughbred, who is not at all prepared for a fight or aggression when they’re completely in love with someone. The Wild Horse type will go into the taming process trying to coax the wild horse out of the Thoroughbred, who will simply avoid their outbursts peacefully wondering WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU… and the sentiment is, of course, shared by the Wild Horse type. The Thoroughbred is not at all keen on shedding thousands of years worth of evolution and high breeding for this brutal, needless fight. It is important for the Wild Horse to know that the Thoroughbred can be chased out of the game, they MAY drop a Wild Horse like a hot potato and find someone more civilized instead if this is a Twin Flame connection in its early stages (reincarnationally speaking early). They tend to prefer someone with mild manners and nice attitude over someone challenging, and hold utter contempt towards those who do not respect their boundaries. The Wild Horse needs someone to take them with a firm hand and tell them what is expected of them. It is questionable whether or not the Thoroughbred will be willing to do so.

When a Thoroughbred with his wild side still there will connect with a Thoroughbred… Complications happen. The one with the wild side still there is probably someone who has a lot of experience with the opposite gender and is completely bewildered when the female of the species doesn’t understand how to mate. However, he believes all women are Wild Horses (this is, in this scenario the most likely gender role) that need to be tamed, while the Thoroughbred may believe all men need a delicate touch like the Thoroughbreds do and avoid, at all cost, from insulting or challenging the dominance of the man, just waiting for him to calm down. They are likely to back off quite easily because deep down, they’re both Thoroughbreds. Depending on how much wild instinct the other still has left, they may not fully understand the Thoroughbred, still, and it may take a long time before they get on the same page about things.

When a Thoroughbred with a wild side will meet their Wild Horse Twin Flame, they are likely to breeze through this reunion. They expect a bit of a fight and are prepared to play along and know how to deal with the situation.


The Thoroughbreds are people who have gone through A LOT OF spiritual practice in their time, and in this case meaning organized religions with the pursuit of trying to tame the beast within, and succeeding. The Wild Horses have not, they are in their near natural state and refer to people with next to no past life experience in spirituality, philosophy, or other high intellectual pursuits. The Thoroughbreds have trained themselves to be always polite, always in control of their feelings, and always think before they act. When these two types come along, they are both bewildered: Same species, different behavior entirely.

The goal for the Thoroughbreds would be to reconnect with their wild side, without losing their high breeding, because both sides to themselves are equally valuable and support the other when the person is fully aware of everything that they are simultaneously. The Thoroughbreds are most likely very embarrassed about having lost their roots a bit, but they shouldn’t be too bummed about it, after all… The Wildlings still have all that work ahead of them or they’ll simply have to stay behind… The Thoroughbreds have a choice, after all, the Wild Horse only has one switch in their use… Until they get broken and trained for someone.

Curiously though, the Thoroughbred is always uneasy with someone who isn’t THEIR ‘owner’. They may be easy to handle for their owner, but they’ll get nervous when they’re in the hands of someone they can’t trust. They still control their feelings for the most part, but when driven to a corner, you’ll see the beast rise again… Against a false owner.


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