Twin Flame – Poly Flame

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Essentially what the argument over whether or not there can be multiple Twin Flames boils down to is this: Most people not only accept but insist on the fact that Twin Flames DO NOT meet in their last incarnation only, but that they meet several times across incarnations. They would also, thus, easily accept that the connection doesn’t need spiritual mastery to make complete, otherwise, they would have to wait for a reunion for a long time. Most people accept that this is not always a connection between a male and a female, but that homosexual Twin Flames exist. And most everybody consider the original story of an androgyne, a physical entity with two heads, arms, and legs antiquated, as they should, and regard it a metaphorical description of the split soul, as is sensible.

Now, we also know, that sometimes soulmates reach such level of intensity, that the ONLY THING separating them from a Twin Flame is the fact there is more than two. Therefore, it is to be concluded that the practical difference between a Twin Flame and a soulmate is very much nit-picking. Now, in all honesty, we cannot tell how Twin Flames came to being, is this truly a split of the soul or “an essence” or whether they are individual souls who really, really love each other, like I believe, and that part, to  many, is really inconsequential anyway, apart from the promise of a happy ending that the theory of a split soul conveys; in other words, it brings the reassurance that you can’t really mess this up, although evidence proves different.

At this point of this argument, we are at the place where the only thing separating Twin Flames from soulmates is two things: a split soul and the number of partners. The physical reality for a Twin Flame and a soulmate reunion is exactly the same, with the only difference being that there is more than one of these absolutely mind-blowing connection in the case of soulmates.

So, if Twin Flame theorists want to reserve the term to mean strictly monogamous soulmates alone, I’ll give you the term without a fight,  BUT that must mean that there is another term introduced next to it, as an equal phenomenon of spiritual love, and that would be either True Spirit Mirror from my theory (that also includes monogamous Spirit Mirrors, and includes some changes of to the theory of Twin Flames, making it more psychological than a spiritual theory) or a Poly Flame, to separate the monogamous from the polygamous spirits among us.

Also, what needs to happen is that people realize that POLYGAMY is a committed relationship between several people. A Poly Flame doesn’t mean that you can simply choose between equal partners and be all happy go lucky and live in an endless hook-up culture. What it means is that not only do polygamous Flames need to sort out their issues and relationship to ONE Twin Flame, they have to manage a whole host of relationships to the extent that they will get past cultural norms and ideals, and the amount of ego they need to heal in order to fulfill their unit; and anyone who says that a poly fracture is the easy way out clearly hasn’t done their thinking properly.

Further, I must stress that if a Poly Flame is being forced to think about their relationship in terms of Twin Flames, the chances of them finding a solution to their relationship problems are slim to non-existent. You cannot expect to solve a problem by utilising instructions meant for something different. If you intend to fix your oven, using the booklet for your microwave isn’t really going to help you much, is it? The denial that there is a possibility that there is more than one of these connection does nothing to anyone but burying their head in the sand hoping that the truth will be different than what it looks like.

I believe there is nothing wrong with thinking you are a Twin Flame for as long as you are AWARE of the possibility of Poly Flames, because only the KNOWLEDGE of it can click things into place for a lot of people. I am not saying Poly Flames need to become the standard, but they do need to be acknowledged as a true alternative to Twin Flame -pairing.

So, are we going to insist on something that simply isn’t as we’ve been told simply because we want to lull ourselves to a false sense of security that our lover is never going to go off and love someone else (auch on the ego, right?), or are we going to get real here and tackle this from the position of what is actually true in this Universe? This is your personal call, since we are all New Age philosophers, and New Age, as a philosophy, does not support dogma, the last time I checked, and the assumption that there is no more than one Twin Flame is a perfect example of a dogmatized piece of New Age teachings that never should have been given such a position in the first place. This is not religion, this is spirituality and an attempt to construct a REALISTIC world view, REAL, to the extent of accepting that there IS something else to life than just the physical.

I trust that there are plenty of people who understand the importance of acknowledging the possibility that not all people are born monogamous and that the fact we do think monogamy is the only romantic way to live in a romantic relationship is simply the lack of understanding of poly relationships, something that I am more than willing to help illuminate once we get over this part of the argument.



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