Twin Flames and the strong divine female energy…

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One thing about Twin Flames is for certain. It is clearly a romance written for women by women. Now… Let’s study this a little deeper with a hand on our hearts, girls… because, as a woman myself, I notice things about Twin Flames that don’t really go together with the actual idea that there is going to be a reunion of male-female energies, but that there’ll be a strong reunion of female spirits, that, to a large degree, bond over their love for their separate male Twin Flame runners. Friendships have been created, love is there, but is it true that all of these women wish this phase to end? Do women really want a real relationship with their Twin Flame, but are you, girls, enjoying each other’s company far too much to end it with a reunion with your Twin Flame?

I am not judging. In NO WAY are you obligated to join your lives with this man, in fact, the connection is not there to override your free will. In many ways, we are now entering a time in history that, for the first time ever, non-standard relationships are going to be more the rule than an exception. It is a part of that sift in consciousness we are all anticipating to happen; we form relationships that are not normal, something non-monogamous and non-heterosexual, perhaps even relationships that are non-sexual, and that may not exist for the purpose of child rearing – and the planet will thank us all!

I wonder, was this Twin Flame energy that we have all been linked to, merely a distraction while we wait for the true revelation, the realization that many of us are in love with our friends more than what we love our spouses? As I have talked to a lot of Twin Flames, some of them clearly are in love with their opposite gender partner, truly, but many of them seem to have a stronger connection to their friend, or both their friend and their Twin Flame equally. But almost the whole Twin Flame community as a whole feels like it is a massive field of female energy, in which a male energy is an intruder, something uninvited, and an unnecessary evil. Many Twin Flames seem to insist that the male Twin will transform himself into more of a feminine form before the reunion, and I say this is simply due to the fact the Twin Flame is a distraction, a lure to bring all of these women together, some are there for their male Twin, sure, but some… The grand majority, perhaps, should consider whether their lives would be happier spent with another female… Or a group of them.

I am, by no  means, suggesting this is a MUST BE, or that I’ve received some divine scroll from the skies to tell me this is the way it is, it is simply a strong feeling I’ve had for years, that these women should not be separated by their male Twin Flames, but joined together in a divine celebration of their femininity.

The signs that you might be one of these Twin Flames;

  • You call yourself a goddess or a divine female and it feels natural to you to do so
  • You love to talk to your girlfriends (other Twin Flames) about your love, and your attention sifts to your Twin Flame mainly as a discussion topic to share with your female friends, who you adore.
  • You trust women more than men, and you’d ask for advice from other (Twin Flame) women over other male Twin Flames about how to go about your relationship with your Twin Flame.
  • You feel a slight twinge of disappointment whenever you feel a reunion with your Twin Flame might be at hand and you wish to postpone it for later because you still need to talk to your girls.
  • You feel support, love, and care with your female friends who are Twin Flames, (as opposed to irritation, anger and frustration for keeping you away from your Twin Flames, or for not getting what being a Twin Flame is about, as the true male-female paired Twin Flames may feel).
  • You feel safe and secure in female company, and feel out of place around men, if your male Twin Flame also makes you feel nervous and uncertain rather than calm and at peace, it is also a strong sign.
  • You may all share a male Twin Flame or two, but he or they have most likely not shown themselves to you yet, in order to keep things calm and orderly until the girls have found each other fully.
  • You love the idea of the divine (non-sexual) love more than the idea of a physical reunion with your male Twin Flame.
  • You find a non-incarnated Twin Flame to be the most romantic idea ever.
  • Hand to your heart: You feel your male Twin Flame is something to impress the other Twin Flame women with, you’d feel embarrased if you didn’t have one, because to fit in this group, you need to have “a Twin Flame”, and you’ve felt in the past when other Twin Flames tell you your guy is not really your Twin Flame that they’re trying to push you out of the Twin Flame community because “you’re not good enough”.
  • You love the spirit world more than the physical world and love to feel the spirit around you. Masculine-linked Twin Flames love physicality more, and the spirit is around as a helpful guide, but the situation with female-linked Twin Flames is sort of the opposite; the spirit is where the physicality guides you to.
  • You may have “a pseudo-male” Twin Flame guide (such as myself) who you trust over others, someone who carries a lot of male energy to herself, but who is actually a Twin Flame to a whole lot of males she hasn’t been shown yet for the same reason on the opposite side.

And no, if you are one of these, then, theoretically speaking, you do not have an actual Twin Flame, but you are something I sometimes call a Poly Flame, but that’s all technicalities and not really important. What is important now, is to feel whether this is true for you or not. Please trust your spirit to guide you, as you always do. Release fear and doubt and answer your questions for yourself…

Are you one of them?

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