Twin Flames – If you cannot let go, try letting go of letting go

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The message to let go and to not be needy or clingy can be so overwhelming – and I certainly haven’t been quiet about it myself – that we cannot let go of the must of letting go. We start clinging onto the need to let go and then can’t let go. So… Let go of letting go. Give yourself the permission to remain obsessed for as long as you feel that way, after all, the quickest route to it might be through it; just go through any emotions that you feel as they happen and try not to control how you feel.

(Generally speaking, trying to control how you feel is a bad idea.)

So, why all the let go -posts? Right? To some people letting go is the EASIEST thing in the world. They also hate the feeling of having people hang onto them, they feel that they are being given a far too important role to fill in a (virtual) stranger’s life in some cases and that they simply don’t want to be that important to you. Also, the fear of having others hang onto us while we are trying to reunite with someone else, also makes us scream for others to let go. These people (myself included) do not need to be told to let go but to grab a hold.

Sometimes we simply give up too easily, and we don’t dare to chase when we should, and that is another topic for another post but in this one… Simply forget about letting go. You feel whatever you feel and there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself from feeling what you feel. That is, actually, what “letting go” means, but it is not the easiest thing to explain to someone who is hanging on for dear life and trying to fulfill a certain role… But that is, essentially what it means; let go of the control of your own emotions, and let them run free whatever they are.

Another thing that I must say about letting go is that it is NOT THE SAME as giving up on someone. It is simply about stopping trying to control how your Twin Flame is supposed to feel about you, and how you are supposed to feel about your Twin Flame – both of these are bad, but if you just accept that dang you’ve got difficulty giving up control so you might as well go full on at it or something, things might get a lot easier fast.

Try once, if you can find the state of being OK with it all… Then, I’m sure you’ll stop thinking about it and you’ll fall right into the same habit of trying to control things, but once you catch yourself, just correct yourself again; “let go of the control” and it will become a habit.

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