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In the best of cases, believing in Twin Flames literally the way that they are described may give the pair the required self-confidence to reunite with each other, but in the worst case scenario, it gives a False Twin Flame or a Mirage Chaser (more or less the same thing) all the reason they need to keep hanging onto an unhealthy obsession over someone they cannot and will never have. However, there is more than enough reasons to look at the theory in a critical sense, and realize that it creates more relationship problems than what it solves.

The term Twin Flame used as a throwaway term to describe the nature of the relationship, meaning instant, intense, unexplainable, near magical love that seems not to fade in time nor suffer from distance, combined with the telepathic and other psychic phenomena and everything that we know to be real on a physical level is quite harmless. However, to attach any certain promise of a reunion, an idea that the Twin Flame belongs to the other to the level of a split soul or an undeniable exclusive right to that person is already entering a territory that will create blockages in the way of a reunion and those beliefs should be cleared as soon as possible.

Also believing in such parts of the theory as “being in the last incarnation” together with “Twin Flames merging into one” and “being here to elevate the spiritual consciousness of the human race” creates an undue pressure on the relationship, and at worst derails it entirely delaying the reunion or even making it impossible rather than making it faster or more likely to occur. The fact is, there is NO shared or common purpose for Twin Flames at all, each pair or group has a unique role on the planet, and may or may have nothing to do with spirituality at all, in the way we usually understand the word “spirituality”.

Twin Flames

The term Twin Flame alone can cause an addiction

I am not really qualified to make this claim, but I am going to make it anyway based on my observations and on my ability to emotionally connect to Twin Flames and their emotional space: The term “Twin Flame” with the association of a promise of eternal love and a happy ending, capable of causing a physical addiction to the natural endorphins that it creates in the mind of the person who has attached all the pleasurable promises to the term itself.

I believe that the whole phenomena of the love that the term describes is SO emotionally loaded, so full of promise and hope, a feeling of superiority (in spiritual terms), confirmation of superior love and a guarantee of a happy ending, that it causes a whole shot of endorphins to shoot in the brain of a person who is in high need of such validation. It doesn’t matter as such, but when someone attacks the foundations of the Twin Flame theory – a person such as myself – fighting to chance the term alone or to change a person’s mind about the nature of the connection is like trying to pry a syringe of the hands of a heroin addict ready to shoot up. Trying to change the way a Twin Flame -addict sees the soul connection they are dealing with is a threat to the continual supply of the endorphins, and therefore, they refuse to hear what is being said.

Further, a Twin Flame term -addict would spend a lot of time “shooting up” as in searching for validating descriptions of Twin Flame love, reinforcing the addiction to the term. This works directly against this type of a person actually working towards a favorable solution to the relationship itself, and distracts them with the Twin Flame imagery and “promise” alone. A Twin Flame term addict would not listen to relationship advice, they would avoid responsibility of solving the problems in the relationship and particularly in themselves, because, as many Twin Flame sources would tell them, “the chaser” is the spiritually evolved one, whose primary requirement in this relationship is to stay patient and wait…

Being convinced of “the one and only” may blind you from other true soul bonds

We live in a monogamist society. However, some of us have been creating multiple high-level soul bonds that you know as Twin Flames but I call True Spirit Mirrors for a lot longer time than what the society has lived under monogamous ideals. All throughout history, polygamous bonds have existed and been nurtured, but mainly hidden from the view of the general public; brothels having been places for both polyandrous and polygynous bonds to exist and thrive in; harems, obviously, and, without a doubt, many “cheating spouses” are simply nurturing an existing soul bond to several “Twin Flames” at one time. Denying it won’t change the situation, it is what it is.

To some extent being blinded from other existing soul connections is a good thing; people who wish to remain monogamous with the risk of randomly alienating another Twin Flame from the connection should probably do so, but if you are open to the idea of polygamy as an authentic form of living, then, waiting for the first found Twin Flame for the rest of your life may not be the smartest thing ever for a potentially polygamous person to be coerced into doing by making that person sound like half a responsibility, half inevitability… Even as all the love needed is there, it will still be there if and when there are other people in the mix. All of this requires the freedom of the individual to make an INFORMED decision based on real understanding of soul connections, and, unfortunately, Twin Flames do not give that freedom, because the theory categorically promotes only monogamous heterosexual pairings (although most people are ready to accept homosexual Twin Flame pairings as real, because the society demands tolerance for homosexual couples, but haven’t yet reached tolerance towards polygamous relationships). The fact I know from first-hand experience polygamous “twin” flames are real, I was compelled to change the terminology removing the idea of two “twin” from the term and replacing it with the idea of a mirror – reflection of who you are, Spirit Mirror – the reflection of your soul, that gives no real assumption of the number of mirrors one can have or look into simultaneously.

Twin Flame theory can cause problems in “the wrong hands”

Obviously, most people can take Twin Flame theories and reframe them into a realistic context and use them as a guidance toward a reunion more than an absolute, 100% reality, and these people can benefit from the teachings a great deal. They will see what is being said and they can correctly place the advice where it belongs, but there is one fundamental problem in the Twin Flame theory, and that is the part where it claims having a Twin Flame is a sign of a heightened spiritual evolution, and thus, no reason or logic can sway some people from their insistence that a certain person is their Twin Flame; after all, what would a person of lower development know, right?

The fact is, having a Twin Flame is in no way a guarantee of a heightened spiritual awareness let alone a sign of a person being at the level of spiritual evolution that they would be “a ready individual” with less than one lifetime worth of spiritual work to complete before reaching the status of Jesus Christ or Buddha. Again, having a Twin Flame does not mean that this is NOT the case on an individual level, but it is absolutely not a sign of that being the case – half an hour reading through the conversations posted online by Twin Flames will give anyone a confirmation of that fact, without needing to discount the fact that these very unevolved beings know exactly what Twin Flame love is about and they are talking about the same phenomena as the most evolved among them.

The only thing that having a Twin Flame proves in terms of soul evolution is that a person is evolved enough to feel unconditional love toward another person, and that they have a fairly evolved personality, such that can feel “disconnected” with some people and “connected” with others, and also, superbly connected with one or few specific people. It only means the person is at a high enough evolutionary level to know love, that is all.

Then we run into the problem that not all people who THINK they have fallen in love with a Twin Flame are actually in love, but feel entitlement, ownership, familiarity translating into a feeling of belonging, when in fact they are simply reacting to an existing, old soulmate connection that is not necessarily comparable to a Twin Flame connection. Explaining what love should feel like to a person who has never  yet experienced anything but selfish, egotistical love that equates another person with a possession that is created to feel good (or superior) is futile, but giving them the theory of Twin Flames to play with… A lot of Twin Flame experts would agree that these people are a problem to those that they believe to be in love with, rather than a joy.

The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology differs in that it prepares the readers to accept the fact that there is NO unbreakable, God-created and sanctioned soul bond, and no matter what happens, the individuals themselves are in charge of who they have chosen for themselves, even if strong feelings existed between them, and that even a True Spirit Mirror bond is at least theoretically breakable, even if it only happened once in millennia, and that the same process that leads to the breaking of the bond also leads to the completion of the bond based on what is authentic and real. Therefore, whoever attempts to break the True Spirit Mirror bond will have to heal the relationship first in order to release the bond. (That is not a rule I made up, but what I believe to be the case.) An attempt to break a presumably false Twin Flame bond, thus, requires healing of the person themselves and, potentially the healing of the other person in order for them to separate, thus, making it impossible to break a True Spirit Mirror bond accidentally when you still have unresolved issues.

Having said that, I would like to extent a warning for you all; Creating a soul bond to a person on false basis, even if it is done in the intention of doing the other person a favor or with the intention of being their friend will make you responsible for that person in some sense, and the further developed that bond is, the more work it requires to unravel… So please be careful who you tie to yourself in the future.


That would be all, I think. From here on in, I will try and stick to the Personality Spirit Mirror -terminology and hope you all take a moment from shooting up with Twin Flames in order to benefit of my work here. ;p

Currently, I teach Twin Flames on the basis of an advanced soulmate theory the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology at theXblog.org.

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