What to do if my Twin Flame is married and committed?

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I wanted to write this post because I can offer you an objective point of view considering I don’t know whether or not my twin flame is married. These are the things one ponders when thinking about that possibility.

I would like to consider the morals of the situation first: If you have chosen to pursue this relationship regardless the fact your Twin Flame is married, as I recommend you do if you believe they are unhappy and you know how to make them happy or happier, generally speaking. I agree with the choice if your motivation is to save them from an unhappy marriage rather than saving yourself from a lifetime of loneliness and to give them a life that their current spouse could not possibly give them. (In other words, is are your motivations primarily selfless or primarily selfish?) If it is your choice to go after your  Twin Flame who is married, the first step to get what you want is accepting the current situation. He has chosen to stay loyal to his wife (or she has chosen to stay with her husband) and you can’t convince him to leave their spouse for you. That is how things are. So, once you accept this, you can now realize that what you are offering, as good as it may be, is not irresistible to him. This means that you are not living or thinking as authentically you as you could be. He or she isn’t yet seeing enough of your true self to trump his need of being a loyal spouse and a good parent, a quality I am sure you appreciate in him or her.

How the Universe responds to you when your Twin Flame is married

What to do if my twin flame is marriedThis may sound calculating, but I personally do believe that everyone has a Twin Flame and that a lot of the time we wind up marrying the wrong person. It is about your morals to decide whether or not to honour a marriage but do consider it carefully from all possible angles. I am not going to tell you that the Universe is going to separate your Twin Flame from their spouse, because that may never happen, I am telling you that to hold on to hope of being with them is equal to planning to break them up yourself. Sometimes people need to be rescued from their own need to be a good person (the good man / good girl syndrome being a huge factor with married Twin Flames), and to coax them out of sacrificing themselves for others and liberating them to do what they deep down want to be doing. To tilt the scales to your favor, you’ll have to build or design a life for him or her that he cannot resist the temptation of on the soul level. As his or her Twin Flame, you are the best person alive to know his or her secret wishes and dreams and you can make your company, life and bed too tempting for him to stay away from, and mind you, if you cannot, or if you know but don’t want that life for yourself, this is absolutely not your Twin Flame and you should consider yourself and intruder, not a rescuer. Your primary motivation should always be to make your Twin Flame happy, regardless of everyone else; yourself included. If this is not your motivation, you are doing this for the wrong reasons.

It is more than likely that at first, you won’t know what kind of life you both are meant for, but rather than focussing on your Twin Flame, there is a great alternative: To imagine a life that YOU would love to live with him or her. If this life plan is not the one he or she wants, they will not hear your call, but if it is, they will hear it in their soul and it may seem like the Universe is taking over, but in reality, it is your dreams that are manifesting. Essentially you are planning things with your Twin Flame, and, without saying a word, you execute that plan – sometimes with the help of their partner. You may also want to wish for their partner’s Twin Flame to show up for them – and I firmly believe it is possible regardless of the state of their “enlightenment” or “evolution”. I have never heard this working, perhaps because people can be quite jealous about this connection, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Essentially, what I am advising you to do, is to imagine the future you would love to have with your married Twin Flame if you could. This sounds silly, but the more realistic you can make this, and the more your Twin Flame helps you do it, the stronger the manifestation power is going to be. The more vivid your imagination, the more likely it is that they are helping you – if you struggle to imagine it, it is probably a sign that they don’t want you to interfere into their lives, and you should probably consider an alternative plan to get over your married Twin Flame. If you are in psychic contact with your Twin Flame as many of us are, this should be fairly easy to do, and you must also understand that if you are not seeing eye-to-eye on a soul level conversation, there is no chance of you seeing eye-to-eye in the real life without a good conversation.

Remember that sometimes separation is exactly what your relationship needs in order for it to move forward. I am not one to moralize, because I truly believe marriages to other people are a strategic move sometimes, forcing Twin Flames to take it slow in a society where love and sexual relationships are entered into way too fast for the bond to be build solid. It is also very common that Twin Flames, soon after meeting, run into a marriage to someone else, simply because their Twin Flame spark the need for a deep bonding relationship but the Twin Flame themselves feels unattainable – after all, they are a Twin Flame. In these situations the marriages tend to dissolve on their own in time, but if the Twin Flame was married before you met, the marriage is harder to dissolve – they got married expecting challenges like you to emerge, and they are both determined to fight temptations such as yourself. A Twin Flame that married soon after your first meeting is probably in it to avoid their own frustration about how things *always* fail for them.

Forget the norm, the same ol’ same ol’ focus on what you dream about and make those dreams into reality or create a situation where it is possible for it to manifest through the law of attraction. Become more you and make it impossible for him to stay away. There is absolutely NO POINT breaking up a marriage even if it is your Twin Flame if you intend to live a carbon copy of the same life, it is like looking for someone special for something completely mundane and ordinary. That is sheer waste of love and passion.

And next, if you would be so brave and to consider the possibility that although your Twin Flame is married, he or she might not be the only one of such a connection, and that you may have, just maybe, have someone who has even stronger bond to you. Please never settle for anything less, even if you now believe your married Twin Flame is the only one for you – no matter how many times and in how many words people have told this to each other, the people who are currently in love never believe love like this can strike again, but.. It can – and it still doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost your Twin Flame who is married forever. In your despair right now, you may not think you could have your cake and eat it too, but there is another theory that suggests that Twin Flames are SOMETIMES multiple… SOMETIMES. I didn’t believe it either, at first, trust you me.

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