What is the difference between a Twin Flame, Twin Soul, Soulmate, Androgyne, Twin Ray, and Essence Twin…

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A theory is a person’s attempt to explain reality, right? A lot of people have made the attempt of explaining the phenomena of true love. Each one of them has decided to use a certain term for the phenomena of amazing love; I personally call them True Spirit Mirrors.

A theory contains a person’s best guess to what caused the phenomena of true love, and this is where the differences between these words come in:

A Twin Flame and a Twin Soul

“The highest form of a soulmate connection.” The best guess in the Twin Flame/Soul crowd’s mind is that in the beginning of time, a soul was split into two halves; a male and a female, and that these two halves will roam the Earth to find each other, to be allowed to meet each other only in their last incarnation.

The theory supports a male-female monogamous counterparts only. (Many believers disagree with this view.)

A Twin Ray

“The highest form of a soulmate connection.”  It is possible that people use this term interchangeably with a Twin Flame and a Twin Soul. The other explanations, I must admit, I haven’t fully understood myself. The best description I’ve gathered is that the Twin Ray is the individual soul within a Twin Flame that is ONE soul, and the Twin Ray’s are the core parts of each individual human… Or something. Then, another explanation was something along the lines of it being the 12+1 fractures of one single half of a Twin Flame, ie; Jesus was 1 and his 12 followers the 12 Twin Rays, making Mary Magdalene another 1+12 fractured Twin Ray. But… There you go. I guess first the men reunite, and then the women, and then the male-female combination is made..?

The theory supports even numbers of male-female counterparts… depending on who you ask.

An Essence Twin

“The highest form of a soulmate connection” according to Michael Teachings. At least this one has a clear origin where the theory comes from. “Michael” is a soul cluster of some thousand plus souls who have finished their reincarnational cycles and are teaching psychic channels on Earth. (They’re coming back, I hear between my ears but, who knows.) The Essence Twin is said to be your highest match on Earth for the duration of one grand cycle, which would be approximately a thousand years long if memory serves.

The theory supports a male-female energy counterparts. Each half, even if physically of the same gender, must carry a balancing male-female energy.

An Androgyne

The theory of Androgynes has been often wrongly attributed to Plato, who was hosting Aristophanes, who was the real author of the comedic view of the male-female (androgyne literally translates to “male-female”) an entity of 2 heads, two pairs of arms and legs, that was split by gods to be doomed to roam the Earth separate from oneself, only to fall in love when the two halves meet. It is likely that the theory of Plato’s comedy is the origin of the Twin Flame theory.

Male-female counterparts only.

A Soulmate

Your soulmate is a person with whom you have spent several lifetimes together, creating a familiar feeling and a sense of belonging with this person. There is two interpretations for the word soulmate; one beliefs that the fact that you have spend lifetimes together doesn’t necessarily guarantee that this is a true love connection, but that there are other factors in play keeping you locked into a mutual reincarnation cycle. The other theory is the more layman-variation; the man on the street would call a soulmate their one true love, possibly meaning that in a reincarnational sense. Yet again, a person can use the word soulmate to refer to someone they feel affinity and compatibility for; someone who they truly connect with on all levels; A true soulmate.

A Twin Flame teacher refers to a soulmate with the meaning of a lesser connection to a Twin Flame.

Of all the existing true love theories, I feel the soulmate theory the most accurate one; the idea of being locked into a reincarnational cycle with several people, some of whom are your true loves, but majority of which is not. I base my own theory, the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology on the theory of soulmates, but it has some influence in the practical Twin Flame teachings,  – not the theory.

Depending on who you ask accepts monogamous love connections of both gay and straight in nature.

And finally; Mirror Spirits

After reading the above, you might understand why I decided to toss the books and websites out and start over. I needed to figure out for myself what was going on with my “twin flame”… And the second one, because none of these theories seemed to match my reality. The theoretical difference between the above and the Mirror Spirits is as follows:

The Mirror Spirit theory regards each soul to be a separate, free, independent soul, reincarnating through time in the pressures of other independent, free souls. Because all of us are free, we are also free to oppress each other, lock each other into karmic debts or release each other from it etc. etc. The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology identifies SEVERAL different kinds of soulmate connections, and two entirely different types of “highest possible soul connections”; the True Spirit Mirror and the Adjusting Spirit Mirror, depending on any soul’s personality. (I do believe souls have personalities, STRONGLY so, even though the people whose highest ideal is an Adjusting Spirit Mirror have a very flexible personality, hence the popular belief of souls not having a personality.)

The Mirror Spirit theory doesn’t support the idea of “a destiny” or a certain return to your highest soulmates but does believe that when the connection is truly authentic, all True Spirit Mirrors WILL eventually work their own personal issues out and will spend eternities together, but that even after they have reached a full surrender, they are not immune to human conflicts, troubles, and things that will separate them…. for a while, at least.

The Mirror Spirit theory also believes that all soulmate bonds can be destroyed, and some can simply disappear through lack of care and attention. It also supports the idea of gay and lesbian connections alongside of polygamous connections.

Currently, I teach Twin Flames on the basis of an advanced soulmate theory the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology at theXblog.org.